At MEDICA/COMPAMED: "Sorry, we already have a supplier!"

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Medical-Customers learn at “customer school” how to say “no” to a salesman. Learn here how to get a “yes” from now on.

35 pages with best working objection handling phrases

Never be Speechless anymore

Customers only want to protect themselves

Most healthcare customers or potential distributors turn away entrepreneurs like you by saying “we already have a supplier” or “we are fine with what we have now” or “you are too expensive“. They don’t want to deal with other things because they want to save time and have no hassle. Yet, you have the better medical device product than the customer is using now, but the customer doesn’t want to know about you. He pushes you away with a “no”, you have been rejected. 

You can change that now. I’ll explain here in the free download in 35 pages with a few simple example sentences how you can get the customer not to turn you away. Download the sample sentences here and start benefiting from a customer “yes” immediately.

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Do you want to catch attention in Europe and Germany and do you want to approach to Germany medical device market better than your competitors?

Explore how to react to a customer's objection and approach to him in the right way.
Optimized speech pattern and phrases for the Medical-and Health-Sector!

At first, you need to know that Europe has a very big market potential for medical devices. You will see all the possibilities and opportunities. But you made the experience, that it is more difficult than expected to get new customers. 

You ask yourself: “Why does the customer not value my product and why does he not see the benefits, my product is obviously better than the current solution of him?”  

But here is the sad truth: the customer would see your many benefits if he would engaged with your medical product. But the customer does not engage with it. The reason is: there are too many suppliers which use flat, easy sales pattern and it is inconvenient for him. You can only catch his attention when he trusts you. Trust will follow real interest. 

Imagine, your competitor immediately gives up when the customer says his first “no”, BUT you have read my whitepaper and know the clever approach and to ask the right questions, so that your customer doesn’t give you a “no” at all! If you imagine this, how will this boost your success? How many more clients will you get? How much more turnover will you have? I felt the same way until a few years ago, and now I share my knowledge with companies like yours that tick like me: improove the world by better medical devices.


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You have probably heard that the German business climate is very different from what you are used to. Would you like to learn from Birger how you can succeed in Germany in today's fast changing economy? Here is an opportunity to hear from a successful manager about the realities of German business and make your plan for success!


Wouldn't it be nice to avoid the trial & error part of learning, particularly when it comes to technology? Now there is a tool that can help you learn the skills not available to the public. Introducing the truth - Skip all the mistakes, the fruitless searches, and try out only the workable way.


Many people have dreams of working internationally. But, they don't know how to start. How do they get clients who are abroad? We show you how to build up an business in Germany/EU, so you can work from home or while you're on the go. Introducing Birger's book - the basis tool that helps you get clients in Germany.

Why Birger Nispel?

He is an International Speaker for “Successful Internatural Business”, Honorary Ambassador and Business Consultant for the prefecture Fukushima, Japan. He has visited over 250 seminar days with examination and auditing in Germany and Japan. He has been educated biomedical, physicist and in business engineering. He has been involved in over 37 companies (also as an executive member) and aquired over 25 international companies from all over the world. He is a passionate entrepreneur, author and inventor. Birger Nispel is an author and honorary lecturer at the University of Bochum. He is a business consultant, trainer, and coach for German-speaking companies in Germany and internationally. He focuses on the topics of communication skills, selling skills and leadership skills. Next to his career in business, Birger is also a writer and the author of several bestselling books. He has also written  books about the art of dealing with German managers, here: “Business with the Germans”. Cited as an expert in the media, he became a trainers and coach since 2013.


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Table of Content

  • For these reasons, doing business in Germany (the EU) is an asset 
  • Permanent additional turnover after successful market entry: That’s what it’s all about here
  • The main barriers to entry for foreign companies include
  • Why it pays to do business in Germany and the EU
  • What makes Germans tick in business
  • The right way to initiate business with German companies
  • The 1×1 of German business relation
  • More contacts through cooperation with German firms
  • Culture shock Germany
  • The German dream of doubling turnover
  • Made in Germany and German engineering
  • The quintessence of a business initiation with Germans
  • Germans and “theirs specialities”
  • How others see the German
  • Perfectionism
  • Education
  • Habits and customs

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