Mentoring Masterclass

The Mentoring Masterclass is the most valuable learning unit if you want to let your business grow in Germany.  Within the 12-month-plus coaching period we will create together the optimal blueprint for your export business an d go live with your business. After that, you can scale up this blueprint and maximise your success by manytimes. We do not stop until you established your business.
The Mentoring Masterclass Membership is limited to a certain amount of companies only – because the time spend for a member company is extremely high. We will set a high concentrated focus on your business. Also, we can not accept two or more companies with the same business purpose.  

In the mentoring masterclass we will give everything to make your business successful. That is our promise. 


This is in your Mentoring Masterclass :

If you try it by yourself = expensive one-time-cost without ROI.
Look at how someone did it before = invest into a scalable business

Do you know this situation?

You business is underperforming in export and you do not get an answer why. You think, you know the reason, and you adjust the reason, but business is still underperforming. You try to catch one opportunity after another, like jumping from a swimming but wobbly plate of wood on the squirly river of business to get to the shore. 

Wouldn’t it be better to use a bridge to get to your goal ? 

Prospectives are as necessary for your business as your daily water to drink. But how to get prospectives in other countries? How to find the right ones? How to find a lot? You need a lot of prospectives because they need to convert into customers somewhere in the middle of the customer journey. The more prospectives you have, the more customers you will create, the more revenue you make, the bigger your growth. Prospectives are the “Alpha’s”  of your business. 

When you found a prospective and he is in contact with you, the so-called “customer journey” starts. The prospective found the first touch point with you – somewhere, maybe on your website, maybe in your social media ads, maybe on the trade fair. But why did he found you? Now it is absolutely important that you push the trigger-buttons of your customer. You will learn how to identify the trigger points and what to do now, because the customer journey need to go on. Otherwise, the prospective will leave, and that means that he never will become a customer. 

The website and landingpage is very often the first touch point with someone. You will learn about the difference between a website and the landing page and you will learn how should a landing page or website have to look like to catch attention of the decision maker. You will learn about the colour code, the psychological meaning of shapes and forms and the correct positioning of information and the meaning and positioning of the “call to action” (CTA) button. The basis of this are psychological standards which have been examined by hundreds of universities and which are appoved since years. 

Imagine, you could collect prospectives overnight and let them convert automatically into customers 24/7. You will learn how to install a
system, which works automatically until the personal meeting is needed. This is what we call a “full funnel strategy”. Automize collecting prospectives and customers, like the fishermen using a fisher-net instead of the single harpoon or  fishermans angel.

Intercultural differences are obviously existing when
people of two different countries are trying to make business. A general understanding of
the partner is mandatory, often automatically expected. But unfortunately this is mostly theory . 95% of companies
who are offering products to a potential German partner never got a real feedback
why a deal was not closed. The reason is: they tapped into a unknown cultural
trap. You will learn about the biggest traps how to perform in the right way so
that the German perspective will say: “Wow! These are the right one and shall become our partner. They have informed selselves bout our manners!”

Have you ever heard: “this is too expensive”, or “we have
already a supplier”, or “what does your product show what your competitors
products do not show?”, “I have no time”, “I have no budget”, “we are not
interested”, “send me an email and an offer [but nothing happens after that]” ?
There are several objections. Contacted companies learn how to keep distance to new
suppliers. It is absolutely important that you now, what you have to say and how
to react when an objection comes up. In this masterclass you will learn hundreds of phrases and text
patterns to react on objections the perfect way. Bonus: you can also use this phrases
and text buttons for your domestic market, they will work definitely. This objection
handling module is one of the most important module for companies. If you are
not able to sell your products, they are worth nothing – doesn’t matter if they are double
or 10 times as good as the products of your competitors. Imagine: if you are
able to solve only one single objection at one customer, you have reached the return
of invest (ROI) for this mentoring masterclass! But if you do not know how to
react on objections, you will stay where you are.   

Exhibiting at a trade fair is absolutely expensive and
time consuming. You must have success when you visit a trade fair. Otherwise
the investment into exhibiting at a trade fair is like “burning money”. How to get
prospectives visiting your booth is not a question which will be answered
during the trade fair. This question will be answered in a timeframe in
advanced to the trade fair. The first touch point with the prospective has to
be done earlier. At the trade fair, you have the next touch point with the
prospective on the way to an agreement and partnership. Visitors
on a trade fair are in a hurry, and it is very seldom, that they meet on time. If
they do not have enough time for their fixed meetings, how shall they get in contact
with you, if you do not have an appointment with them? If you would wait for
walk-along prospectives – I’m sorry to say: this time is over.  It is mandatory to prepare the meetings for
the trade fair in advanced. That’s the fact. In this masterclass you will learn how to do it.   

As a member of the Mentoring Master Class, you will receive your completed quality management manual for DIN ISO 13485:2016 and the corresponding STED file (technical file), which you only need to fill in with your individual circumstances in your company. This saves you months of work. In addition, you will benefit from our network of specialists for clinical studies, translations (if we cannot do this ourselves within the Master Class), contacts to institutions that can act as an Official European Representative, contacts to networks of testing laboratories, etc.

For whom is a presentation made: for the presenter or for the
prospective? Does the presenter talk in the “language” of the prospective?
What is a structure in your presentation? Is it more focused on your company, or
is it focused on the customer’s needs? Do you know the customers
needs? Did you choose the colours and the font-size because you like it, or did
you choose the colours and the font size because the prospective like it? If you
do not catch the attention of the customer he will get bored. If he’s feels
bored, you will not be successful with him. You will learn how to identify what
the prospective wants to see in the presentation and how to catch his attention. In this Masterclass you will
learn about the correct structure of a miracle presentation which will create
jaw dropping moments.   

When you come to Germany travelling could be a challenge.  You will learn about the German public
transportation system, how to buy tickets and use them, how to get from A to B
etc. We will create an individual travelling plan for you which is fine-tuned for
your next business.  

If you want to sell to Germany it is necessary to have a
base in Germany. This could be a consultant, a distributor for your own office.
There are several things to know to hire a consultant. You will learn about the
differences between a consultant and a distributor. You will also learn about
the distributor’s mindset and what is important to him. You will learn about which
aspects you definitely need to discuss with the distributor – if you have not
considered these aspects, these aspects could have terrible impact to your success. If
you consider to open an office, this is the masterclass you need! The list of aspects and “to
doe’s” for opening an office  could be endless: choose the right location, hiring an employee, where to register, which
form of an enterprise you should choose, is there any supporting money from the
government, etc… The mentoring masterclass has this as an own module.

Learn about typical German habits, hobbies, private life,
what do the Germans in the free time, what do they eat? Some dishes of German
food are very special. It is not common to share a dish. But what is the
reason for it? If you are invited to a dinner you will be well advised to be
informed in advanced about the differences. You will also learn about reading
the body language. What is behind “shaking hands” and touching the other one? A
German proverb say: “A mouth can lie, but the body never lies”.

Meeting with the German manager is very challenging. The sales talk may not look like a sales talk. You need to recognise different signals of objection, agreement, interest or bluff. You will learn about the perfect structure of a sales talk and how to guide the prospective to make a decision without having fear to make a wrong decision.  

A lot of economic scientist will tell you: you need to analyse the competitors. That is totally right when you also consider: the need to analyse your customers demand. How to analyse your competitors and where to find the data which a public, this is what you will learn in this module.

Nobody knows more about the problem of your prospectives and customers then you, nobody knows more about your product then you, nobody knows a better reason why to buy your product and why living without your product does not make sense anymore! How to be perceived as an expert in Germany -this is what you will learn into this module.


This module alone would be worth the investment into  Mentoring Masterclass.There are lots of marketing strategies which work in Germany. For your success you only need to choose 2 to 4 of them to increase revenue dramatically. In this module you will get a buffet of marketing strategies which especially work in the German market. And I’m more than sure, they will also work in the domestic market. This means, take profit twice: new domestic market and being successful in Germany. 


In small workshops with only a few people we will work on your business strategy. You will get input from workshop members as well as German managers (frequently rotating upon availability). This will happen into live sessions and is called “hot seats”. It will be a frankly speaking, polite but direct – there’s no better chance to learn in advanced of the contact with the prospective. If you are advised here, it doesn’t matter, you can improve evrything. If you fail at the prospective: you will not get the order and you will not grow.

Individuell questions about your specific situation will be answered infrequently life zoom call is, email support, and live chats. 

Who is Mentory Masterclass made for ?

  • Companies who want to export to Germany
  • Companies who want to export to European Union
  • Companies who want to get a ROI of factor 10
  • Companies who already export to Germany but who are not successful as they should be
  • Companies who have an open mindset and want to participate form qualified networking   

For whom is Mentory Masterclass not made for?

  • Companies who have already enough customers
  • Companies who do not want to grow in Germany and Europe
  • Companies who do not speak English Language