My Mission: Your International Business In Germany Will Grow.

I make companies succesful, which want to export to Germany. 

My over 30 written books, mini-courses, mentoring program and video-training-courses are based on my over 23 years practical expertise as an awarded successful German manager, company owner and CEO. I am announced as the first honorary company ambassador of Fukushima Prefecture.
I am am a specialist for sales-increasement.
Add-On: Mentor for medical device companies who want to find partners in Germany.


"If you can't sell it, it's value is ZERO"

Do you agree?
There are products beeing sold on the market which show a bad qualityand whci are much, much worse than your products. But these copanies make good business and they are selling these products successfully. 

What do you think is the reason for this? 

I would like to invite you to join my buffet of delicious business delicacies. If you take my invitation to my table, you will explore the workin secrets. I searched and studied several years to understand what is important. Here is an excerpt  

  • How to find  the right customers automatically – 24 hours, 7 days
  • How to upgrade your mindset
  • How to separate the time vampires from the potential prospectives 
  • How to become more creative, more resilient, more efficient within your working hours
  • How to approach a decision maker correctly 
  • How to do the presentation with jaw dropping moments
  • How to avoid to step into one of the 100 intercultural pit-falls which are responsible to get a “NO” and you will never get to know why 
  • How to make your b2b customers more successful – if your customers are successful, you will grow automatically
  • How to convert product description to sales-copy-writing
  • How to position yourself or your company as an incontrovertible expert
  • How to become the number one in the head of your prospectives
  • How to surprise in personal meetings and online meetings
  • How be different instead of cheaper
  • How to develop your mindset and eliminate beliefs – for fear of going too far, we often don’t go far enough. 
  • How to make use video-marketing and podcast for more sales revenue
  • […]
* And the system also works for domestic sales, too. You will see it.  

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Free Content

If you’re looking to improve your marketing and sales skills, it’s important to know the backround of content strategies. The free contect  will help you understand what is exactely high quality content that people want to read and what are the marketing strategies which really, really work. TThese tactics are so important because they create an environment where people will care about your business. Businesses that people care about are businesses that can thrive! 

This is a gift to you and you can understand it as the first personal introduction of myself to you.  

Interactive Courses

Interactive courses, hybrid courses, recorded video-courses, life-video coursese, calls, Whatsapp coaching,  group-coaching  – Interactive courses are quite different from the other courses available in the market. They’re interactive and they also connect people to a community of like-minded individuals. They provide a lot of new opportunities and possibilities to their students.

Masterclass Mentoring

Masterclass Mentoring program helps you achieve your goals fast and efficiently. Work directly with our experts who will help you reach your maximum potential, give you actionable advice, and improve your performance to a level that you have never thought possible. We offer a wide range of mentoring options, focusing on personal development and improvement. Weekly updates are sent so you can track your progress! We have a team of highly qualified and experienced mentors who are eager to take you from where you are now, to where you need to be!

* Take benefits from the ROSY system. ROSY means “Rollating System”, a 24/7 working system which aquires prospectives automatically, qualifies them and converts them into customers automatically.