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I show you how to export to Germany, to make successful business, whow to find partners or to open an office. I am a cosmopolite and my stage is the World. Because being born in German and am able to show you how typical Germans tick. If you want to make business in Germany, I show you the way to be successful with my ROSY* system. Additionaly, ROSY works also in your country. Join the buffet of possibilities and take a first free appetizing greeting from the kitchen. What shall happen? There is no risk. Try the first little step out of your comfort zone now. Growth is only possible outside your comfort zone.
Why can I do this?  I always asked myself: “Birger, why are are you interested in something?”. My answer is: “I want to improve something”. My permanent goal is to become more succesful. My mission is to make you more successfull in exporting to Germany. My vision is to help 10.000 companies every year to increase revenue business in Germany. Personal mind set and business belong together. Both is interacting and in balance. The secret is: update your business and update your mindset. In my courses, I show you how to reach this goal.

My Core Values

Trust / Honesty






About my Background

Mehr Umsatz und Erfolg durch internationales Business
  • Study of electrotechnical engineering – Ruhr-University
  • Biomedical Diploma Engineer (FH) – Fachhochschule Aachen, Department Jülich
  • Lead Auditor ISO 13485:2016 – BSI Training Academy
  • Economic and Management Training – Steuer und Wirtschafts Akademie
  • Psychological Training, Business-Mindset and personal Development-Training 
  • Member of the Permanent Plenum of Chamber of Commerce –IHK Bochum
  • Honorary Judge on Court of Bochum – Civil Court of Bochum, Chamber for Commercial Matters
  • Cosmopolit and Thankfull Mind-Person
  • Company Ambassador of Prefecture Fukushima
  • Platform Coordinator for JETRO
  • Online and Offline Marketer-Training
  • Speaker, Author, Value Developer & Creative Person  
  • Created more than 60 Courses for Sales and Personal Development – E-Books, Video-Courses, Life-Coaching, Mentoring
  • Developed the ROSY* system
  • Visited over 300 seminar-days, 250 books and audiobooks, Invest in personal and business development: six-figure sum.   

What Partners Say:

We have become partner with Birger Nispel since October 2016. He gave us opportunities to connect with customers outside of Japan. Birger Nispel is very responsible and communicative person. He understands, to consider cultural differences for a successful business. We would like to thank him, because of him, now we work with a Canadian distributor, who is definitely one of our most important customer
Miyasaka san
CEO of Echo Electricity
I attended his seminar at the Fukushima Prefecture Medical Device Industry Seminar. Selling a product means knowing the product better than anyone else and explaining how the product can provide a solution to the customer. He taught me that the essence of business is the same even in the different cultures of Germany and Japan. He is a trustworthy person with great market analysis and sales skills.
Hidetada Ishizawa
General Manager, Sales Engineering Department, Honey-rial Business Division, Kand Package
Birger is a creative guy who takes the time and asks questions. He has a keen interest in what motivates people. That is his job and is also his personal passion. As a marketing specialist, he keeps himself up-to-date by attending seminars and reading journals. With his curiosity, he challenges himself to 'think outside the box' and is therefore always looking for new inspiration
Domènec Huguet
Founder & Business Director Tel +34 639 313 661

Free Content

If you’re looking to improve your marketing and sales skills, it’s important to know the backround of content strategies. The free contect  will help you understand what is exactely high quality content that people want to read and what are the marketing strategies which really, really work. TThese tactics are so important because they create an environment where people will care about your business. Businesses that people care about are businesses that can thrive! 

This is a gift to you and you can understand it as the first personal introduction of myself to you.  

Interactive Courses

Interactive courses, hybrid courses, recorded video-courses, life-video coursese, calls, Whatsapp coaching,  group-coaching  – Interactive courses are quite different from the other courses available in the market. They’re interactive and they also connect people to a community of like-minded individuals. They provide a lot of new opportunities and possibilities to their students.

Masterclass Mentoring

Masterclass Mentoring program helps you achieve your goals fast and efficiently. Work directly with our experts who will help you reach your maximum potential, give you actionable advice, and improve your performance to a level that you have never thought possible. We offer a wide range of mentoring options, focusing on personal development and improvement. Weekly updates are sent so you can track your progress! We have a team of highly qualified and experienced mentors who are eager to take you from where you are now, to where you need to be!

* Take benefits from the ROSY system. ROSY means “Rollating System”, a 24/7 working system which aquires prospectives automatically, qualifies them and converts them into customers automatically.