"How to Enter Into The German Medical Device Market ?!"

Expert Birger Nispel

"Germany is the top-target market for good quality products and high-tech products. Is finding partners hard, does it take years and would it be expensive?
Usually: yes, it is, when you do not have any help.
But: there is a zero-cost-solution which will be introduced in my Webinar!

The Secret behind it:

  • By promoting international innovation networks, the Central Innovation Programme for SMEs (ZIM in Germany) supports small and medium-sized enterprises as well as research institutions in networking with international actors (⇒ YOU !). 
  • An international ZIM innovation network must consist of at least minimum four German companies and at least minimum two SMEs without a permanent establishment or branch in Germany (⇒ YOU !) and one  supporting institution (foreign coordinator).
  • Duration of the cooperation of a network: 1,5 years in phase 1 (extendable to a total of 4.5 years)
  • Invest of foreign companies into the network: 0,00 € (travelling cost and internal cost are on your own. German companies have to pay 5% of the total cost of the network, 95% is covered by Central Innovation Programme for SMEs (ZIM in Germany).   

What is the content of an innovation-network?

  • Please participate at the webinar, I will explain in details the benefits of participating at innovation-network.
Registration 50%

Please watch this video where I explain the registration process:

You want to find partners into Germany?

Congratulation, this is a attractive goal!

Germany and Europe are the biggest markets beneath the US-Market. 
But: finding partners in Germany is a challenge. You ask yourself: “Where to find them?”,  “How to contact and convince them?” and  “Why are Germans not responding to my requests?”     

In this webinar I will show you a mostly unknown possibility, how to cover these challenges. You will learn how to step into a network community together with German companies and participate at their customer-network.  

The fact is: You need to get to know someone in Germany, who either is in permanent contact with your prospectives or who is your business partner itself. 

In an innovation network, one rule applies: always try to think both ways. What can you do for the other partners, and what can the other partners do for you.   

minimum German companies
minimum foreign SME's
Business opportunities

The webinar covers the following topics

  • Study of electrotechnical engineering – Ruhr-University
  • Expert for internationalisation
  • Biomedical Diploma Engineer (FH) – Fachhochschule Aachen, Department Jülich
  • Lead Auditor ISO 13485:2016 – BSI Training Academy
  • Economic and Management Training – Steuer und Wirtschafts Akademie
  • Psychological Training, Business-Mindset and personal Development-Training 
  • Member of the Permanent Plenum of Chamber of Commerce –IHK Bochum
  • Honorary Judge on Court of Bochum – Civil Court of Bochum, Chamber for Commercial Matters
  • Cosmopolit and Thankfull Mind-Person
  • Company Ambassador of Prefecture Fukushima
  • Platform Coordinator for JETRO
  • Online and Offline Marketer-Training
  • Speaker, Author, Value Developer & Creative Person  
  • Created more than 60 Courses for Sales and Personal Development – E-Books, Video-Courses, Life-Coaching, Mentoring
  • Developed the ROSY* system
  • Visited over 300 seminar-days, 250 books and audiobooks, Invest in personal and business development: six-figure sum.