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Germans are rich people, but difficult to approach! I show you how to approach!

Germany is the most attractive market for foreign companies. If you want to make money with your export business, Germany offers the best opportunities to earn money.  Germans are very particular. There is a great danger of stepping into the numerous traps that avoid success. Thousands of foreign companies have failed with their excellent products – and still don’t know why. Numerous companies fall far short of their potential revenue and missed to multiply their turnover. But they also fail and do not know why. Find the important part of the puzzle! 

Inhabitants in Germany
Companies who employ people
personal everage income per anno
chance for your first impression

Want to catch attention in Germany?
Want to approach to Germany better than competitors?

Explore "How to understand German managers" in the right way.

At first, you will read about German’s potential. You will see all the possibilities and opportunities. After that you are able to draw conclusions about your next successful business. Than you will read in the second half of the book about the real habits of the Germans. Like in an surgery, we open the body and take a look at the beating heart of a German. What are his inner motivations and what is his fear? If you do not know these facts, you will not be successful. You only have one chance for the first impression. If you fail, you are out.  

Why is it mandatory to read this book? Because it is mandatory … 



Learn the truth about German business from a practitioner. The author Birger Nispel is an practitioner. Birger is a successful German Manager with his own company AirMed - only practical business! Avoid theory.


Learn what is the short-track. You have 2 choices: try it by yourself , or use the current knowledge of someone, who has passed already everything by his own. You can avoid to copy the already made mistakes, safe money, safe time.


Learn from someone, who really, really want to make you successful, who's heart is beating for international business! Because when you are successful, you will recommend othe people to Birger.

Why Birger Nispel?

  • Over 25 years of experience as a German Manager
  • Over 37 international companies aquired
  • International Speaker for “Successful Intercultural Business”
  • Honorary Embassador of Prefecture Fukushima/Japan for international companies
  • Biomedical Ingeneer with exam, 
  • ISO 13485:2016 Lead 
  • Auditor, Inventor, Patent Holder
  • Visited over 250 seminar days with exam
  • Read over 500 books and audio books
  • Author and guest lecturer at University of Bochum
  • Cosmopolit
  • Created training programm
    “Perfect Objection Handling and Negotiation with German Manager”

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Table of Content

  • For these reasons, doing business in Germany (the EU) is an asset 
  • Permanent additional turnover after successful market entry: That’s what it’s all about here
  • The main barriers to entry for foreign companies include
  • Why it pays to do business in Germany and the EU
  • What makes Germans tick in business
  • The right way to initiate business with German companies
  • The 1×1 of German business relation
  • More contacts through cooperation with German firms
  • Culture shock Germany
  • The German dream of doubling turnover
  • Made in Germany and German engineering
  • The quintessence of a business initiation with Germans
  • Germans and “theirs specialities”
  • How others see the German
  • Perfectionism
  • Education
  • Habits and customs

Terms:60 days warranty although it is a digital product. 

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